money vs. fossil fuels

The value of fossil fuel companies is derived from the amount of fuel they can sell.

Citizens in democracies around the world want to burn less fossil fuels.

If citizens win, the fossil fuel companies lose.

It's a question of when

Everybody knows we will drastically reduce our fossil fuel consumption sooner or later.

For fossil fuel companies, the later the better. For the rest of us, the sooner the better.

The votes are on our side, but lobbying money isn't.

So we change that.

We use the system

The plan is simple:

1. We create an investment fund that takes an aggressive short position against fossil fuel companies.

2. We put money into lobbying governments to enact legislation that helps the climate and hurts the fossil fuel companies.

3. When the pro-climate legislation is enacted, fossil fuel companies lose money and our short positions go up in value.

4. We win. The fossil fuel companies lose. No compromises.

Concentrating dispersed interests

Fossil fuel companies have won thus far because they are a small, concentrated group of people with a lot to lose.

We, the rest of the people, are many. What we have to lose is less tangible: a piece of our souls and the heritage of humanity.

Tiltship is a plan to gather our disperesed interests together and distill them into a vehicle that makes change.

A vehicle made of money.